Monday, September 12, 2011

The answer is NO?

Our days are filled with a constant barrage for our attention, for our time and for our money. Some requests are subtle like a soft wind whispering in our ears. Some requests are an all out assault against our fortress of self. Most fall somewhere in the middle.

Most of us treat these affronts like we are in battle and they are attacks on our castles. We train ourselves to instantly defend and quickly answer “NO”. We scream “NO”. We shield ourselves with the answer. The faster our response the faster we can move on to the nest request. The answer is NO.

I think back on some of the sales pitches that I declined before I even understood the deal. Those fast food burger places that pitched the “would you like to make this a meal deal... you save” Or walking into one of those big box stores and making some large purchases for my home. The cashier went into a pitch about their credit card and saving on this purchase... except that my automatic defenses had already kicked in and I had answered NO before the nature of the offer settled in my ears. Some of these offers actually made sense. If I had taken the time to think about them before answering I would have answered yes. Who won’t want to pay less for something?

Late last Fall Mr. Subb ran a promotion to help raise money for the Regional Food Bank. We offered a coupon book with $35 worth of coupons for $3.50. One coupon alone was a free Wrap worth the cost of the book itself. There were other totally free items too. We thought that this was a guaranteed win-win situation. Customers received valuable savings, the Regional Food Bank got money to help them feed the thousands of people in need in the Capital Region and it helped Mr. Subb draw more people back during the slower months of January and February. Some of you took advantage of this offer and we thank you. Some of your automatic defenses answered for you and that answer was NO. You answered before the real offer settled in on your ears. If you had thought about it I am sure the offer would have been a logical choice.

The week of September 18 – 24 is “Dine Out No kid Hungry” week. Restaurants all over the United States are joining together to help knock out hunger among our kids. Mr. Subb has joined the fight. Please take a moment to understand our sales pitch before you automatically answer NO.

Mr Subb will give any customer a certificate for a free order of Oven Baked Potato Nugget when they donate at least $1. This is a win-win deal. $1 goes to a noble cause, you get an FREE order of Oven Baked Potato Nuggets for your next visit and we get to see you back on another day.  A quick view of this deal shows you really save almost 50% on that order of Potato Nuggets and helped feed some hungry kids.

Do you want to help even more?  Mr. Subb will give you a certificate for a free 6-inch subb if you donate $5 or more. Here are samples of the certificates. These are VOID of course. The real ones are available only at our locations. Why not take the opportunity to answer YES and make a real difference.