Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wide Open Living

I am a people watcher. I eavesdrop and rudely pry myself into your life. You may not notice me but I am there. These days we need to live like the world sees everything that we do. Cameras in our cell phones and the Internet so wide open much of our lives are open for others to see.  I think this is a good thing. Maybe we’ll behave better. Maybe we’ll think before we say rude things to people. Sound bites and video clips following us like our shadows.

Last week I was grabbing a quick bite to eat in a fast food place. I had ordered my food and I was waiting for them to prepare it. A girl was sitting with her family at one of the tables in the dining room. I watched as she huffed out of her chair and came back to the service counter. She slammed down an item and pushed it part way across the counter exclaiming, “I said no lettuce…” as she did so.

There was nobody at the service counter but the Manager quickly came towards her. She continued her rant about specifically saying she had requested no lettuce and there was lettuce on it but no sour cream and other stuff.

The Manager started with a response about items coming standard unless specifically ordered otherwise. The girl did not want to hear this and looked at her family as yelled, “I told them no lettuce didn’t I?” They vigorously shook their heads and the Manager replied, “I didn’t hear you say that but I’ll make you a new one”

She was already in a fury and swore at him saying she didn’t want an efin new one she just won’t ever come back again.

I know the Manager didn’t handle it perfectly. There should have been an apology first and then an explanation. Maybe things would have worked out differently but the customer was rude and unreasonable too. She didn’t need to light up the store with threats and expletives. The situation was getting resolved. Why don’t we just give people a chance? Why don’t we just live like our lives are wide open for the world to see?

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