Friday, October 26, 2012

Mr. Subb brings Catering to you!

Feedback from our customers is a great tool. When somebody compliments us it is uplifting to find out what we do well. We certainly will continue to try to do those things. Although complaints sometimes hurt, we get to find out the things that need improvement. We certainly take notice and look at ways to fix those areas.

During our recent (current) campaign “Elect Mr. Subb your Subb Shop” we included a quick questionnaire. Besides the necessary customer data we asked:

  1. What subb/sandwich is your favorite from Mr. Subb?
  2. What location is your favorite Mr. Subb location?
  3. Did you know that Mr. Subb is a locally owned and operated company?
  4. Did you know that you can save 5% every time you order online?
  5. What can Mr. Subb do to serve you better?

As customers “voted” and answered our questionnaire we received a lot of compliments and a host of great suggestions. There were a few common themes. One was that it would be great if we delivered.

Guess what?

Mr. Subb now has a catering menu AND

 To make your party or meeting better Mr. Subb will bring food to you.

“Mr. Subb's catering includes FREE delivery and set up for orders of $150 or more.  (Must be within our normal delivery area).  Catering includes utensils, plates and napkins.  For smaller orders or for delivery out of our area there will be an extra charge for delivery.  (Delivery  charges are $15 and up)”

We try to listen to you. Send us your suggestions. For more information on catering visit our website at:

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